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As a full-service pediatric office, we provide a wide range of care for acute and chronic conditions as well as preventive services from birth through the college years. We are recognized as an NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (link), providing the best possible care for your children now and keeping abreast of preventive measures to guide your children into a healthy future.

We are a small practice with the mission of providing individualized, family-centered care in alignment with your values and lifestyle and based on solid medical evidence. We strive to schedule every appointment with your own pediatrician to develop continuity and rapport with the physician you have come to trust.

*PRE-NATAL CONSULTATION: Call and schedule a free 30-minute visit to get to know your prospective pediatrician. You can tour the office and meet the staff. We're sure you'll fit right in.

*NEWBORN CARE: Our office sees your newborn right away in the first day or two after going home from the hospital. This is an important transition with many pitfalls. We are here with the experience to help with breastfeeding, to monitor for any feeding difficulties, and to minimize jaundice or weight loss to get your baby off to a great start.

*24/7 ACCESS: Pediatricians are available by phone 24 hours a day. Although nobody likes to think of it, your infant will at some point get sick. Often there is no other option than to call your pediatrician. Urgent care facilities are not appropriate for young children and emergency rooms visits can be lengthy and expensive. If you call our main number (585)473-7028 you can reach an operator who will call the pediatrician on a call with your concern. Our call-back time is usually under 10 minutes and often we can give you advice to keep you and your child out of the emergency room.

*SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS: We schedule same-day sick visits Monday through Saturday. Do a sports season or school starts tomorrow and your child is past due? We can usually make same-day or next-day routine physicals for those special circumstances because we know life with kids gets busy.

*SATURDAY VISITS: Leaving work or school for routine physicals or long-term follow-up isn't always possible, so we offer Saturday morning preventive visits as well as same-day sick visits.

*PREVENTIVE CARE: We follow Bright Futures guidelines (?link)for assessing development and identifying health risks in infancy and early childhood to identify concerns early and connect your family to the support and services you and your child need. In-office testing for lead, hemoglobin, and cholesterol is provided with results available before you leave.

*DEPRESSION SCREENING: We screen for postpartum depression at every infant physical to make sure you are enjoying parenthood as much as possible. We screen children for depression starting at 9 years old to identify the most at-risk individuals.

*ORAL HEALTH: Fluoride is an important tool in combatting dental disease and is now provided in the familiar setting of your pediatrician's office by trained pediatric nurses. It is recommended that fluoride application starts with the first emerging tooth and every 3-6 months until your child starts school. For more information click on the following link:

*CHILDHOOD IMMUNIZATIONS: We follow the recommended childhood immunization schedule(link to CDC) to protect your newest member of the family against those very preventable infections. We offer printed information and readily answer any questions that you may have. Although the immunizations are not all mandated, they are all strongly recommended to be given at the age when they have been tested for safety and effectiveness. You can find accurate, independent information at

*MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: We screen for depression and anxiety and social discord at every preventive visit. We are familiar with established medical treatment of these conditions and work in concert with local child psychologists and social workers to keep your child emotionally healthy. For more complex cases, we have a care manager in our office to help coordinate care with outside facilities or connect families to other community supports.

*ADHD: You can set up a consultation with your pediatrician to discuss school or behavioral issues and start the evaluation process right in our office. It has been increasingly difficult to schedule with developmental or psychiatric specialists in our area to address these issues so we bridge that gap and help parents coordinate the multiple evaluators, teachers, and providers that are involved in the process. We have a social worker that is part of our office team and works as a care manager to help navigate the process and connect families to community supports or advocates.

*ASTHMA: Our pediatricians have been performing lung function testing(spirometry) in our office for 20 years. We manage all but the most severe asthma along with providing education in order to avoid environmental triggers and prevent flares. It is recommended to monitor lung function yearly or with any medication adjustment to fine-tune asthma for optimal control of symptoms. Following these preventive guidelines, we have been able to minimize hospital visits for asthma quite substantially, making the quality of life for our patients even better.